Punch-Girl Revealed (Punch-Girl Book 2)

If Batman and Wonder Woman had a daughter, she would be Punch-Girl. Equal parts sci-fi, crime thriller, and detective novel, the second book in the Punch-Girl series will keep you riveted from the start through the dramatic climax!


A bomb explodes. To the public, it’s a tragedy. To the police, it’s a mystery. Punch-Girl knows better. This is an invitation.

The explosion starts a crime wave in Starpoint City. The police are overwhelmed until a chilling clue surfaces. Teenage boys are committing all the crimes. They know each other. They are organized, communicating online, and they have a single purpose. Eliminate Punch-Girl.

Punch-Girl wants to know why, but her investigation leads nowhere. Each group of boys points her to the next, and the city and the public grow restless. The citizens want answers, and Punch-Girl isn’t delivering. Until a single boy delivers more than any of them bargained for.

He and the others work for a figure from Punch-Girl’s past. This person knows Punch-Girl’s secrets, and Punch-Girl realizes her disastrous mistake. Her investigation led somewhere, after all. It led her into a trap, decades in the making. Now she cannot escape.

Digging deeper, Punch-Girl reveals more about her mysterious adversary. What she unearths has the power to destroy her and the legacy of every superhero who came before her.

If you love of Ellen Ripley in Alien and Sarah Connor in The Terminator, get ready for the latest tough and talented woman to clash with an unstoppable enemy. The second novel in the Punch-Girl series, Revealed follows Punch-Girl nationwide as she engages in a gripping fight against an anonymous army with a buried secret.


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