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Punch-Girl (Punch-Girl Book 1)

If you love of Ellen Ripley in Alien and Sarah Connor in The Terminator, get ready for the latest badass woman to clash with an unstoppable enemy. The Punch-Girl adventure begins here!

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Punch-Girl Revealed (Punch-Girl Book 2)

If Batman and Wonder Woman had a daughter, she would be Punch-Girl. Equal parts sci-fi, crime thriller, and detective novel, the second book in the Punch-Girl series will keep you riveted from the start through the dramatic climax!

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Punch-Girl Targeted (Punch-Girl Book 3)

The adventure continues!

For fans of the exhilarating David Baldacci thrillers and the gripping Michael Connelly mysteries, Punch-Girl is here to electrify you in her third installment. She faces her most complex adversary yet, a powerful man with legions of supporters, a high-tech army, and a dark secret motivating him that will rock a nation and the world.

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